Annual Sports 2020



It is hereby notified to all the trainees of our institute that our Annual Sports will be held on and from 23rd to 26th January, 2020. One candidate can participate not more than three events as mentioned bellow. Every trainee our here by instructed to contact with the game teacher for further details.


  1. MARATHON RUN                       3 K.M.                             (Only for Boys)
  2. RUN 800 METER                                                                 (Only for Boys)
  3. RUN 400 METER                                                                 (Only for Boys)
  4. RUN 200 METER                                                                 (Boys & Girls)
  5. RUN 100 METER                                                                 (Boys & Girls)
  6. SHORT PAT THROW                                                           (Boys & Girls)
  7. DISCUS THROW                                                                  (Boys & Girls)
  8. LONG JUMP                                                                         (Boys & Girls)
  9. STANDING BOD JUMP                                                       (Only for Girls)
  10. HIGH JUMP                                                                          (Only for Boys)


N.B:  Participation for every candidate is mandatory







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