Our Vision

The vision of MNBEI is “Sa vidya ya bimktaye” (Education which liberates). It transpires that MNBEI, since inception and for times to come, will remain as an education institution following the Gandhian principle of education for liberating an individual from the hydra-headed socio-economic oppression oozing out from the rulers, the upper echelon, even from the linguistic – cultural – religious majority.
The initial torchbearers of MNBEI, the freedom fighters, during 1942-47, with an endeavour to implement Nai Talim (Buniyadi Education) accepted this sui-generis paradigm as a lifelong process of education for any individual and even for the entire population surpassing all socio-economic strata.
The vision statement of MNBEI thus, is the outcome of the path-breaking thesis of Mahatma Gandhi on mass education – clarified in Hind Swaraj in 1908 against the class education of Macaulay who catered the necessity of British raaj. MNBEI after observing the trajectories of the Gandhian concept realized that education leading to wisdom through knowledge should also be liberated from the book-syllabus syndrome to a process of learning which is joyful leading to live sustainably with nature. Obviously such a process depends to a certain extent on the acquired knowledge and experience out of the area specific livelihood.
Thus at the arid area surrounding Majhihira where agriculture was coupled with different handicrafts and learning through these activities were of notable importance. This view resulted in the capacity building trainings for all.
All through the history of MNBEI, necessary alterations in the pattern of praxis may have been exercised but it was never been in contradiction to the initial motto of “Sa vidya ya bimuktaye.”