Our Mission

The historiography of the different activities of MNBEI has aptly indicated the mission of the institution. During the initial days while establishing the Pathshala (Primary school) at Majhihira, the founder Shri Chitta Bhusan Dasgupta and his associates faced acute hindrances in organising sufficient funds, bringing adequate number of students and was not even able to build infrastructures to run a full-fledged school. But what they had with them was the strongest determination for the cause of promoting the Gandhian Basic Education. Thus, this innovative elementary education was, therefore, the primary initiative of MNBEI which in later years evolved from the primary school to a secondary level Ashram Vidyalaya with a strong goal of achieving Buniyadi Talim (Basic Education).
The necessity of creating a group of teachers to serve the purpose of elementary education in Gandhian way was felt from the initial days and still remains a strong necessity. This resulted in to organise short term teachers’ training course in and outside of the institution in past years and finally establishing a Primary Teachers’ Training Institute in the ashram campus during the early years of the previous decade in the name of Majhihira Ashram PTTI.
In order to address the educational and livelihood problems of the hitherto excluded disabled people of the area, MNBEI undertook two completely innovative programmes in the names Inclusive Education and Social Inclusion which were designed strictly in the line of Gandhian principles. This programme has been appreciated at the government level and the district authorities have attributed all importance to this.
To attain the goals mentioned in vision statement and for a continuity of the evolution of education as mentioned in the history paragraph, our endeavour needs further extensions of the school in one hand and the teachers training institute on the other. However the final objective is to establish a rural university under the aegis of MNBEI which will serve as a centre for primary, secondary and tertiary level of education through the different props of the present initiatives which was the dream of our founder.
Thus, MNBEI has emerged as a centre of excellence in the field of Gandhian education in eastern India where all streams are available in its ashram campus at Majhihra with its serene and picturesque environment which looks like the Santiniketan of earlier days with greenery and huts around.