Empowering Teachers for Elementary Education

Our Journey and Mission

Founded in 1940, Majhihira National Basic Education Institution (MNBEI) started with a vision to revolutionize basic education in rural India. The institute’s early days were marked by dedication to grassroots development and educational empowerment.

The journey of Majhihira Ashram Primary Teachers’ Training Institute (MAPTTI) began with a commitment to preparing educators for elementary schools, fostering a culture of quality teaching and holistic development.

MAPTTI has been honored with prestigious awards recognizing its contribution to elementary teacher education and its role in promoting innovative approaches to teacher training.

Our Edge

Unique Value Propositions


Expert Faculty

Experienced educators providing top-notch training and guidance to aspiring teachers.


NCTE Recognition

Accredited by National Council for Teacher Education to ensure quality education standards.


Rural Development Focus

Committed to spreading basic education and development in rural India.

Meet Our Team

Dedicated Professionals Behind MAPTTI

Devon Lane
Esther Howard
Courtney Henry
Floyd Miles