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Welcome to Majhihira Ashram P.T.T.I.


Welcome to Majhihira Ashram Primary Teachers’ Training Institute (MAPTTI). At MAPTTI we provide elementary teacher education programme. The training is meant for preparing teachers…

History of the Institute

Majhihira National Basic Educational Institution, the founder body of Mahihira Ashram PTTI, was established in 1940 by a group of Gandhian freedom fighters in the remote village of Majhihira under Purulia district of West Bengal …

Principal Desk

This is our privilege to welcome you to our official website. Our Majhihira Ashram Primary Teachers’ Training Institute is one of the wings of our prestigious organization …

Our Mission

The historiography of the different activities of MNBEI has aptly indicated the mission of the institution. During the initial days while establishing the Pathshala (Primary school) at Majhihira, the founder Shri Chitta Bhusan Dasgupta

Our Vision

The vision of MNBEI is “Sa vidya ya bimktaye” (Education which liberates). It transpires that MNBEI, since inception and for times to come, will remain as an education institution following the Gandhian principle of education


Recipient of Tamra Patra from Govt. of India.

Telegraph lifetime Amity Award for School Education.

Felicitations from District and Block administration on several occasions.

Shri Chitta Bhusan Dasgupta
Founder of Majhihira National Basic Educational Institutiion
Main Entry Gate 
Majhihira Ashram Primary Teachers' Training Institute

· Meet Our Faculty Team ·

Shyamal Kumar Chakraborty


Dhananjoy Mahato

Lecturer of Social Science

Muslim Ali

Lecturer of Foundation

Satyabrata Chakraborty

Lecturer of English

Prabhat Kumar Panda

Lecturer of Science

Soumen Kundu

Lecturer of Bengali

Sougata Sannigrahi

Lecturer of Phy. & Health Edu.

Dipannita Chakraborty

Lecturer of Art & Music

· Meet Our Administrative & Technical Team ·

Somenath Haldar


Biswanath Mahato


Nanigapal Mahato

Computer Operator

Biplab Mahato


Arjun Karmakar

Electrician & Pumpman

Bhabani Mahato

Girls Hostel Super

Anadi Mahato


“ব্যক্তির দেহ, মন ও আত্মার সুষম বিকাশের প্রয়াস হলো শিক্ষা।”
মহাত্মা গান্ধী