College Notice

This is to notify to all the concerned that for Prevention of Spreading Corna Virus (COVID – 19) as advised and order issued by Higher Education Dept., Govt. of W B, Memo no: 13010 HE- PTC-MISC-0004-2015, Dated 13.3.2020, all activities (including hostel) of our Institute will remain closed from 16.03.2020 […]

NOTICE   It is hereby notified to all of our institute that our Annual Sports will be held on and from 23rd to 26th January, 2020. One candidate can participate not more than three events as mentioned below. All the trainees are hereby instructed to contact the Games teacher for […]

Annual Sports 2020

It is hereby notified to all the trainees of session 2015-2017 that their Part – II result is published by WBBPE and the final marksheet will be handed over from 28/11/2018 during office hour, after receiving NO DUE CERTIFICATE from all concerned departments (Library, Hostel, Office etc). Candidates can check […]

Part – II Result (2015-2017)

It is hereby notified to all that on 15th August, 2018 the institute will celebrate the Independence Day through scheduled programme. It is mandatory for every concern to participate in this programme. It is further notified, that the institute will remain closed from 16th to 18th August, 2018 on account […]

Notice for 15th August, 2018